Chauffeur Limousines Melbourne



Chauffeur Limousines Melbourne

What does it take to become a hot Chauffeur?


Its certainly not enough to be a good driver. Professionalism comes from experience and passion for service.

10 Top Tips to be GREAT Chauffeur

1.  Reliable and on time

This extremely important to a client to know their  limousine will show up. Nothing makes a Bride more anxious than the uncertainty of not knowing if her transport will arrive to a her big day. If there is a hold up that the chauffeur communicates immediately to alleviate the uncertainty.

2. Knowledge of Melbourne

Chauffeurs should have a great knowledge of Melbourne and surrounds. This makes the trip more enjoyable for the client having confidence that they don’t have to worry about where they are going and rather focus on have fun in the back with friends.

3. Good Driving Skills

A Chauffeur maybe able to drive effectively. But it is the way that a Chauffeur drives that is important always mindful of the clients comfort. This means slowing down with no abrupt stops, as well as gradual acceleration. Avoid nasty potholes and slow right down for speed humps.

4. Fun Attitude

A great Chauffeur will always exude a cheerful and accommodation manner. This means displaying good manners and treating people as you would like to be treated. Displaying a happy disposition will in turn  build a healthy rapport with the client. They will more likely to choose to ride with you again.

5. Accommodating

This requires a Chauffeur to be aware of the clients needs. This entails being patient and understanding of clients desires. This may mean stopping for toilet stop or slight diversion. You client will certainly appreciate and remember you in future.

6. Opening Doors and Rolling out the Red Carpet

Your clients desire an experience not just limousine. Opening doors etc and rolling the red carpet makes them feel special. The little things a Chauffeur does can emphasize the entire experience.

7. Good Presentation

This is paramount for a Chauffeur to be well presented in a suit. Clean shoes and shirt shows that you care about the professionalism of your job. Also having aftershave and smelling right helps too.

8. Privacy

A Chauffeur must always be cognoscente of clients individual privacy needs. This means knowing some clients wish to be interacted with and some like to have their privacy. An example of this is an After Reception Service where the Bride and Groom wish to relax and reflect after a big night.

9. Good Training

A company should endeavor to  show their staff proper protocols and procedures to limit any mistakes and mishaps. Saves the embarrassment of  social fax pas as well as awareness and respect of cultural expectations.

10. Knowledge of Limousine

A great Chauffeur will know all the functions of the limousine. Not only in a driving sense but the features in the back of the limousine. This would include lights, lighting effects, music functions and climate controls.